Hello out there.

To all of you floating around out there with work that you want some feedback on, don't forget about original_beta.

Shorts, bits and pieces from novels, query letters, screenplays, even the odd poem - what ever you feel could benefit from some constructive criticism, post it here and we will let rip (genteelly, of course.)
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Jump in!

Hello there,

Just letting you know that you are all welcome to start posting stories for beta reads and/or critiques.

We'll work out any problems with posting when we get to them so don't worry too much.

Please place the story behind a cut, and give a word-count in the subject line. Remember to friends-lock your work, and the same goes with betas that are posted as new entries.

I'm not worried about the level of violence/gore/sex whatever, as we are not kiddies here, and I'm pretty anti the idea of ratings on books, so unless you're really worried, I wouldn't bother too much with ratings or disclaimers.

Go on. Get wet.

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A very first posting.


I could really use some ideas or suggestions as to how you think the community should work. My obvious suggestion is that you lock posts with your work in them. Anything else you want to add?

How big a community would you like this to be?

Would you like a limit set to the number of members?

Would you like to post the work here, and receive the beta-ed work by email?

Anything else you can suggest?

I think to get this kick-started, members should each submit a short story or chapter and we can work out any kinks in the process. Call it a trial run. Are you all willing?
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